This isn’t where I parked my car- the GTG’s guide for beginner Nudists (or public bathers)

Welcome globetrotters, continuing with our theme of keeping luggage to a ‘bare’ minimum. Bathing is both necessary for personal hygene and a social occasion in many parts of the word which you are likely to… Continue reading

The GTG’s top 10 things to take with you that don’t weigh a thing :)

Welcome back from one of our shortest sabbaticals in a while globetrotters! With so much focus on keeping our luggage to a bare minimum, and no current season of the biggest loser for us… Continue reading

Should I stay or should I go?- Sorting through the initial travel urge and hatching a plan.

Welcome back globetrotters, well admittedly, just like the world’s climate and current Australian politics, your weekly GTG entries have been a little out of whack, apologies and commiserations on that matter 🙂 In the spirit… Continue reading

Welcome to the good life- A day at Sydney’s Good Food and Wine Show

Welcome back globetrotters, well with food culture and cooking shows going off like yesterday’s compost, I couldn’t resist the urge to be at the cutting edge. This week the GTG gives an up close and… Continue reading

Interview with a globetrotter #10

If there ever was a time to enjoy the best of Scotland then summer is surely it. As Scotland basks in a rare opportune dosage of sunlight what better time to introduce our newest starlet of the globetrotting… Continue reading

A day in the life – words from a newbie-turned regular

Here at the GTG we recognise the value of a variety of perspectives. This week we hear from 22-year old KC Owens, a GTG enthusiast who has developed some handy tips of his own… Continue reading

Interview with a globetrotter #9

Well globetrotters, when he took a short break from sailing the seven seas the enigmatic man from Amsterdam Klaas Krook took the time to chat to us here at GTG, and boy are we glad he… Continue reading

Your GTG’s top 10 mistakes made by beginners

Well folks, as the world tightens its belt (in some places) and our globe becomes a smaller place, I thought it would be sensible of us to investigate how we can hit the… Continue reading

Interview with a globetrotter #8

Well the French are well known as lovers and this week we also recognize les bleus as lovers of travel (and of course food, of which your GTG is a long-established fan) practice your accents… Continue reading

Stuck in the mud- The problem with ‘ecotourism’

“Recreation, tourism and the environment are interdependent, but their relationship is not constant, varying over space and time” (Pigram and Jenkins 2003, 249). This globetrotters, is the message of the week, that tourism and… Continue reading

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