All the ways you wander- Your GTG’s top 10 places to explore on foot

Hi again globetrotters and welcome to the latest installment of our top ten series. At the risk of stating the obvious, there are many ways to explore a place, some of which will even… Continue reading

Your GTG’s note to a newbie

Hi again globetrotters. My how the weeks fly past, April already! This week to mark our second anniversary your GTG will attempt a sort of what to expect when your expecting for travellers planning a… Continue reading

Eggs anyway- Your GTG ‘all Ova the world’

Howdy globetrotters and welcome back to our weekly travel contemplation. We all know it’s oodles of fun to look at what is new and exciting from place to place, especially when it comes to… Continue reading

Travel toughness- Your GTG’s guide to growing a pair

Welcome again globetrotters and thanks for joining us when we all know it’s still Saint Patrick’s day somewhere (for all you mobile leprechauns). This week, running with a current Katy Perry-inspired theme of celebrating your strengths, I would like… Continue reading

Pre-trip anxiety

Hi there globetrotters, thanks once again for joining us on another left of centre travel adventure. Anxiety seems to be a common trouble experienced by far too many of our general communities but… Continue reading

Plate to Pack- Your GTG’s top 10 dishes personally digested

Welcome globetrotters to this week’s food-fest that is guaranteed to leave you hungry and wanting to try it all for yourselves. With all your newfound time after last week’s advice, this week we look… Continue reading

Hop off after hopping on- Your GTG’s call for more down time on the road

Hi there globetrotters and you’re once again very welcome to our weekly travel congregation. This week we investigate the various merits of taking things slowly, and viewing a trip with quality over quntity in mind. This funnily… Continue reading

Your GTG’s top 10 things to do on a rainy day away

Well globetrotters, the irony of this week’s topic has not been lost on us here in drought-stricken Australia, or I’m sure by our friends wading through torrential rain or sky-high snow fall… When on… Continue reading

Welcome to the globetrotting Olympics- AKA Geocaching

Hi again globetrotters and welcome to another installment of questionable yet hopefully entertaining travel advice. Also on that note, any feedback from those who have tested last week’s ambassador theory? This week we shine the… Continue reading

A is for Ambassador- Your GTG’s guide on how to represent

Greetings globetrotters and welcome to the latest stop on our travel phillosphy caravan. Thanks again to Naoko for sharing her thoughts with us last week and I hope you’ve all got you’re kitchens… Continue reading

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