Once upon a time- Your GTG’s homage to history

  owdy globetrotters and a very merry October to those of you a little weary after the festivities in Munich and those of you worldwide. For many of us, especially those in colonial… Continue reading

Safety first- Your GTG’s top 10 ways to stay safe while you travel

Greetings globetrotters from an unusually stormy NSW. When it comes to travel , risks to our personal security seem to be the biggest deterrent and the biggest ‘what if?’ at the back of… Continue reading

Love at first flight – Your GTG’s guide to googly eyes.

Welcome back globetrotters and happy Spring to those experiencing it.  To the rest of you a very happy Autumn/Fall and enjoy the gorgeousness of your changing leaves. Well travel is definitely a romantic’s… Continue reading

Your GTG’s top ten reasons to pitch a tent

Greetings globetrotters and welcome to another week of mobile madness. So far we’ve discussed topics like what to expect from a hostel dorm, packing, language and all sorts of things but one thing… Continue reading

When I was in…. Your GTG’s guide to bragging rights

Hi again globetrotters and with any luck this week finds you fully absorbed in the finer parts of your Spring or Autumn (that’s fall for all you folk in the US and Canada).… Continue reading

Come fly with me- Your GTG’s top 10 ways you know it’s time to go

Hi again globetrotters. Well we’ve made it half way through the year but many of us will have already been California dreaming of greener pastures. This week your GTG explores some of the… Continue reading

What’s in a name? – Your GTG on brands and where to put your pennies

Greeting globetrotters from the current political minefield of Newcastle, NSW, Australia (for those curious folks, I’ll fill you in later). So far we’ve discussed what to pack, and how to minimise it to… Continue reading

There were 10 in the bed- hostel dorms under the microscope

Good morning globetrotters and welcome to our first GTG sleepover. I hope you all brought your pjs, pillows and toothbrushes as we embark on our low-budget lodging survival challenge. Considering the fact that… Continue reading

As time goes by- Your GTG around the clock

Hi again globetrotters and bienvenida to one of our long-awaited post- South American exclusives. This week your GTG has decided to touch on a topic of particular relevance to those control freaks amongst us such as… Continue reading

Immersion theory- Your GTG’s guide to improving your language skills

  Greetings from a suddenly soggy Colombia globetrotters. I hope you are all well. This week I thought It was worth sharing a technique that has worked absolute wonders for me over the… Continue reading

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