Travel TV with your GTG

Greetings globetrotters and welcome to this our hundredth GTG edition! How quickly has this year gone so far? For some of us globetrotters at times when we get busy, there can be nothing more leisurely… Continue reading

Your GTG’s top 10 tips for a True Blue Australia day

Welcome globetrotters both Aussie and honorary Aussie as we go live earlier than usual this week with some (hopefully) timely advice to counter some of the silliness and fear of all things ‘un-Australian’… Continue reading

All work and no play? Your GTG’s guide to finding the work-leisure balance while travelling.

Howdy globetrotters and welcome again to 2015. We all know the world is becoming a smaller place thanks to webcams and cheaper travel costs but so far we have neglected to shine the… Continue reading

Your GTG’s top 10 travel goals for 2015

Season’s greetings globetrotters and welcome to our first entry for 2015. Whatever calendar you follow (Mayans aside) Gregorian 2015 is here to launch us into all the adventures it has in store. With this in mind… Continue reading

What happens on tour- Your GTGs guide to gate crashing tours

Greetings globetrotters and to those of us in the Southern hemisphere welcome to Summer. Well most of us will have some kind of a break over the coming months whether long or short… Continue reading

Travel scams and how to recognise them

Hi again globetrotters and welcome to another week of travel myth-busting. In light of the recent investigation into scams by The Global Work and Travel Co ( your GTG thought it might be useful… Continue reading

Once upon a time- Your GTG’s homage to history

  owdy globetrotters and a very merry October to those of you a little weary after the festivities in Munich and those of you worldwide. For many of us, especially those in colonial… Continue reading

Safety first- Your GTG’s top 10 ways to stay safe while you travel

Greetings globetrotters from an unusually stormy NSW. When it comes to travel , risks to our personal security seem to be the biggest deterrent and the biggest ‘what if?’ at the back of… Continue reading

Love at first flight – Your GTG’s guide to googly eyes.

Welcome back globetrotters and happy Spring to those experiencing it.  To the rest of you a very happy Autumn/Fall and enjoy the gorgeousness of your changing leaves. Well travel is definitely a romantic’s… Continue reading

Your GTG’s top ten reasons to pitch a tent

Greetings globetrotters and welcome to another week of mobile madness. So far we’ve discussed topics like what to expect from a hostel dorm, packing, language and all sorts of things but one thing… Continue reading

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