Departure checklist

“Packing for travelling as a backpacker will always entail compromises because you will be limited in the amount of clothing and equipment you can take with you. When you’re buying a backpack/rucksack in… Continue reading

Say what? How to survive in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language

So as a globetrotter there is a high likelihood that your interests will potentially take you to country where English may or may not be commonly spoken and if so, only as a… Continue reading

My personal travel map

<a href="

” title=”My personal travel map”>My personal travel map

Please have a look if you’re curious or have a question about a specific destination.


Holiday or Travel?

When setting off anywhere there will be a million things going through your mind. Even if it’s just how excited you are, how many different kinds of food or alcohol¬†you plan to try,… Continue reading

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