Interview with a globetrotter # 2

This week the GTG is proud to introduce Jessie Farrow, fellow traveler, Novocastrian, and my usual partner in crime. Name: Jessica Farrow Age: 27 Home area: Newcastle NSW, Australia GTG: What’s the most unusual place… Continue reading

Spilling the beans, Rainforrest Alliance vs Fairtrade

What’s going on? Well many of us wonder how we could make it through the day without that sweet smelling gold but not as many wonder how our coffee is sourced. Even many… Continue reading

Interview with a globetrotter #1

Greetings and salutations globetrotters, try and contain yourselves with all the suspense this weather is bringing upon us, well at least we now know that the scientists who argued  against the theory of… Continue reading

Right on the tip of my tongue- The GTG’s must try local delicacies

Given that eating is not really an optional engagement, and only so many meals can be had on the one trip, the GTG has this week come to the rescue and will help you make those meals count.… Continue reading

Cultural snapshot- the Scottish highland games (Would you like to me crush him like a wurm?)

Welcome all to February 2013. This week, paying homage to my most recent international home, and some awesomely cool peeps, we grab our winter woolies and head to the north of Scotland and… Continue reading

As you like it, comedy three ways

Bringing funny (and sexy) back this week, the GTG visits the worlds three leading festivals dedicated to the comedic arts that stand in a class of their own. For diplomatic purposes these have… Continue reading

Would you could you on a…..? Novel ways of seeing a city

So you’ve made it on the plane, through security and customs, then made your way to the city, what now?? This week the GTG explores a number of novel ways that some cities… Continue reading

Totally Tokyo- GTG’s city low down number two

Welcome to the kind of city that everyone talks about, some of us have been to, and none of us can quite put our finger on where the attraction comes from. Tokyo is… Continue reading

Did you ever get up in the morning (with those lonely post-travel blues) ?

For fellow globetrotters there may be times when we find ourselves a little beaten having withdrawn from a typical life pattern and come back to being amongst people who haven’t deviated from this… Continue reading

A is for ? A useful approach to teaching English as a second lanuage

Whether professionally, casually or as part of a volunteer program, many native English speakers will find themselves teaching their language at some point, especially those who travel. As someone who has taught both… Continue reading

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