Did you ever get up in the morning (with those lonely post-travel blues) ?

For fellow globetrotters there may be times when we find ourselves a little beaten having withdrawn from a typical life pattern and come back to being amongst people who haven’t deviated from this… Continue reading

A is for ? A useful approach to teaching English as a second lanuage

Whether professionally, casually or as part of a volunteer program, many native English speakers will find themselves teaching their language at some point, especially those who travel. As someone who has taught both… Continue reading

I’d like to thank…..

So as i’m currently on Langkawi island and on the move in Asia (life’s tough and of course I hate to brag..) I thought I would focus on something short and sweet that… Continue reading

It’s moments like these

Well as our forum is all about the road let me share with you ten of the more describable standout moments I have experienced on the move. -Looking down into the dance arena… Continue reading

Destination Novisad- GTG’s city low down number one.

While this article was Originally written as a guest post for the fabulous almost organic traveller site, I thought I would start my city guides with one I have thought about already, as… Continue reading

Life on the shelf- my collections of travel memorabilia and other qualifying collections

Firstly I would like to thank all you keen readers that were awaiting last Wednesday’s entry that didn’t come. I can offer no valid explanation other than a lack of time and energy.… Continue reading

Life’s a beach- The GTG’s top beach spots

Well to cheer up any winter-bearing residents of the southern hemisphere and to stay topical for those currently experiencing summer in the northern hemisphere (I use the term loosely and in sympathy for… Continue reading

Don’t try this at home- The GTG’s top 10 tips for staying in shape on the go

Some of these may seem obvious and some a little less obvious but to keep yourself looking fine and feeling in top shape to enjoy your trip try some of these; Incorporate a… Continue reading

Local block rockin’ beats

Well, being dependent on music for life as I am, I had a feeling that I may not be alone in this dependency. When getting into the mood of particular places, here are… Continue reading

The Queen’s and other variations

Coming from an English-speaking country it is easy to assume that we may be understood without adjusting our language not only in the English-speaking world but further afield . One experience of talking… Continue reading

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