The arts are suffering and yet still helping us through this crisis

Hi Globetrotters,

With much of the world in the midst of uncertainty, your GTG thought it would be appropriate to take a moment to look into the role the arts is playing as a small substitute for that gig you may be missing out on.

Covid-19 comedy tragedy masks

At the time of writing, cancellations continue rolling in for music events, theatre, writers festivals, comedy festivals and any number of arts events due to the current Covid-19 health crisis. Apart from the disappointment and missed opportunity for recreation, this has placed the people who work in this area and enrich our lives in highly vulnerable positions economically. A union and industry-led campaign  has launched to provide what support is possible and document the impact. At this stage governments are still slow to act to lend support in this area.

But the arts are our main form of human expression, something that has become increasingly challenging in times of isolation. With that in mind, you may have noticed an outpouring of digital and online innovations for people to access options that are for now unavailable in person. These include:

100,000 images from Paris museums

Live streams of performances from New York Metropolitan Opera

A social distancing online festival

Virtual tours of 12 famous world museums

Meanwhile in Italy, singing balconies have become the sound of lock down as locals use their musical culture to keep each other entertained and in communication. Will this virus take us all back to a place where we had time to spend on our creativity and cultural expression? This Irish-Australian for one will be spending this St Patrick’s Day appreciating our rich musical cultural expression.

Back to the crisis at hand. Your GTG understands the financial pressure that many of us are under and the indefinite timeline we are on. Still we may be in positions to help and support those that dedicate their lives to enriching ours.

  • Don’t accept a refund on your ticket for a cancelled show or see if it can go to the artist
  • Donate where you can to arts organisations or individual performers
  • Utilise paid online platforms that will support artists
  • Commit to going to see things once this is all done
  • Write some great reviews or spread the word about your favourite live performers
  • Buy some albums, books or videos
  • Keep an eye out for artists you know personally and how they are doing
  • Sign petitions and lobby governments so provide the financial support needed

On that note, your GTG wishes you safety, health and peace of mind as we tackle this together. Until next time.