No such thing as an ordinary trip

Howdy Globetrotters and welcome to part two of our 12 part GTG for 2016. Having made the fortunate  decision recently to see deadpool at the cinema, I was left thinking that it was an extraordinary movie and how even though going to the movies is a familiar experience, no two movies are exactly the same. What does this have to do with travel you say? Well my globetrotting bretheren, the exact same is true about every trip you take.

This week your GTG takes a look at just a few of the types of trips one can take.

Family tripsFamily

These ones will change dramatically depending on your individual family dynamics and where you sit with within those. In my case, tagging along solo behind my mother and her partner, my two sisters and their partners through the tropical humidity of Thailand was great but perhaps a one off…..If you are going to do a family trip, full recommendation is to pick one spot to base yourself so everyone can chill and have some time off doing the 5 million things that a large group is prone to want to do.
School tripschool trip

This was my first type of trip, and the one where globetrotters realise how different they are from the rest of their class. Left to our leisure in central Tokyo for hours and home staying with a couple of different families was shall I say, toward the more independent end of the scale as far as school trips go…quite the opposite of the two-by-two style class trips may take. On the plus side, doing a trip the more independent way (as far as school trips go) most definitely attuned me to the excitement of exploring the new things to be seen in the world in an environment that needed self- reliance but where support was not too far away if need be.

Solo tripssolo traveller

This is the one where shit gets real, where hair grows everywhere and you may find yourself talking to animals. In other words this one is a favourite for self exploration. There aren’t many better ways to learn about how strong you can be when you need to be. The main kind of strength you need for this one is trust. Trust in yourself to make good decisions, trust in yourself to stick by them, and trust in others to do the right thing by you. Other strengths you need are physical strength to carry your stuff, resourcefulness to work with what you’ve got available to you on the run, and energy to approach the navigation of foreign languages and foreign systems.

Best friend tripBest friends

More recently our GTG has been learning about this one. When you’ve got a pal who you know inside out, who is a globetrotter in their own right, it can be immense fun when you work out how you travel best with each other. Having your friend there can be a comfort away from home and you’ll have the stories to reminisce over glasses of wine for years to come. This style can also be quite reassuring as your bestie is one of the most likely to predict how you will react in certain situations.

The holidayholiday dog

These days your GTG finds small moments of holiday amongst a more travel-like trip as it can take a little while to turn off the the globetrotting brain and unwind. Some places like Bali, Thailand, and a number of idyllic islands are set up perfectly to help us with this, but of course they still have their own awesome cultures to explore. For a successful holiday your GTG recommends trying to see absolutely nothing. Enjoy a beach, a mountain view, a pool, forest or a quiet lake, sit back and relax with a good book or even old entries of your GTG.

Small groupsmall group travel

This is the one where two couples or 2-3 pairs of a sort might set out together. The handiest thing is having even numbers and the potential for smaller breakaway groups when there is a plan ‘a’ and b” that the whole group can’t agree on. While back packer hostels are single-friendly, a large part of the tourism economy prefers to work in twos, another perk of even numbers.

Well there you have it Globetrotters, a few typical ideas of what kind of a trip you might be setting out on. Your GTG would like to add that these are merely categories of trip and a huge potential for variety exists writhing each one, showing you just how amazing and versatile travel is 😊 As always, your GTG would love to hear about the types of trips you have had so please feel free to comment or use my email available on the site 🙂 Until next time!