Finding the time- Your GTG’s guide to taking on time-management

Greetings Globetrotters from a very busy GTG desk. Well those avid readers among you may have noticed a gap between GTG entries recently. With that in mind, this week we look at the dilemma of finding time when there appears to be none and how this impacts on our general success.

Time guruWhether juggling family responsibilities, working, studying or pursuing any other goals of world domination, things can get busy very quickly. On a personal level, this last month has involved; a return to tertiary study after an eight-year break, assisting an election campaign that will culminate with election day next weekend, preparing for a sibling’s wedding overseas, helping a best friend move, finding new housemates, evicting one of those, attempting to maintain a social life, international sporting matches and the odd romantic venture! In short, a busy month…

group of penguinsUntil recently I had never considered myself in the target market for organized tours but thinking about the last paragraph, I may now be just who they’re looking for. When considering the planning for my next trip one big question came to mind, “when do I do this?”. After a brief attempt at researching the trip as I would normally do it became clear that I would not be able to do justice to the amazing Indian sub-continent with the time I have to prepare myself. So after much deliberation I resolved to call in the experts and go with an organized tour. As per usual I will be looking to read as much as I can before departure but this way I can do the reading after bookings have been made rather than holding things up the other way around.

Time afroThe expression “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” couldn’t be more true when the workload starts building up and let’s face it, no one wants to be ‘that guy or gal’. Making sure you get your kicks when you can is an essential part of achieving all you’re trying to do across the board.If you’re anything like me, procrastination can become an all-too appealing option, especially when you’re short of time so my best advice here is to set small goals and deadlines as you go along and fingers crossed you will see your progress unfold.

Forgetting to think about your travels or travel writing is overlooking the significance they hold in your every day life and how they shape who you are as a person. A completely balanced outlook will hopefully integrate our travels into our daily lives and allow us to escape into the ‘travel zone’ as a release from the pressures of everyday life which a reason many of us travel in the first place

Most of all personal success multiplies on itself. How many times have we admired someone and wondered how they managed to fit everything in? The secret is that true motivation for all things in life comes from seeing your personal goals realized. In the case of travel this becomes extremely important as many other aspects of life may call for our immediate attention so it can easily fade into the background along with our increased dissatisfaction.

People will have many different strategies for time management such as routines, timetables, time-outs or even going ‘off the radar’ every now and then when needed. The main objective here is to try and ensure that your globetrotting alter ego gets the attention it deserves. Busy as we are I have attempted to keep this week short and sweet and if any of you have some great time-management tips to share with our GTG then please submit them using the contact form below and they will be shared with the group. Until next week.