Love at first flight – Your GTG’s guide to googly eyes.

Welcome back globetrotters and happy Spring to those experiencing it.  To the rest of you a very happy Autumn/Fall and enjoy the gorgeousness of your changing leaves. Well travel is definitely a romantic’s game. From sunset to cliff top, most of us go weak at the knees any number of times in a day away. This week we take a sneek peek at the love of travel and all that involves.

It started with a song…

Away from home for the first time, your GTG remembers the comfort and wonder at hearing the songs on the JAL (Japanese Airlines) classic hits channel as I shed a happy tear most of the way from Sydney to Osaka’a Kansai airport. At the time I couldn’t believe there was a specific music channel that catered EXACTLY to how I was feeling! Just one of many moments frozen in time that would never be forgotten. Upon arrival the sing-song style announcements at the airport and tuneful interludes at the majority of major train stations created a love of a completely different kind that exists to this day.

And continued with a shutter…Shutters

When in Barcelona, your GTG recalls the compete inner warmth felt at the sight of a simple set of faded black wooden window shutters in the sunset. The Catalan neighbourhood we were in was bursting with historic strength and triumph as the golden rays hit the graffiti on the walls. Love struck yet again.

And then there were sunsets every day

For those of us that fall in love with the sunset, it seems impossible to do it just the once. Your GTG will testify to the innumerable amount of places that can take your breath away at the end of the day. Lakes, beaches, rivers, buildings mountains, a horizon on the sea, and they seem to be in abundance in every country. Swoon alert number three.

And then took the shape of many faces

If the wonder of music or scenery can play your heart strings like a hammer dulcimer then you best prepare yourselves for the charm of the people who will inevitably cross your path. To name all the unforgettable individuals that have crossed my path would be a huge ask since your GTG loves to speak to as many people as possible but the elements described below explain how they win their way to your heart.

The conversation– Each one unforgettable in its own way, conversations can captivate you and speak straight to your heart when you experience a thrilling dialogue exchange, unlike any conversation you could have had at home.

Right place right time– We already mentioned sunsets, on the road many moments shared with others become anTravel love 2 intimate part of all present. Almost like a secret that you couldn’t explain to anyone who wasn’t there if you tried.

The outlook– Sometimes it’s possible to fall in love with people based on something as simple as how they pack their bag. A careful approach to packing can indicate a sensitive person who appreciates the finer details of things everywhere they go, or is that just what I see?

The cook– There is occasionally that special individual who demonstrates care for themselves and others in the hostel, in the share-house, on your tour where meals are included anyway, at the campsite, and then they share with you their culinary wisdom, wow!

The leader– When left to our own devices we all take a certain role or position in a group. The apple of my eye is often the one who carves the path through the jungle before you, the one who will make the first attempt to communicate in a second language, the one who deciphers the guide book, or just generally helps you feel like you’re with people who know what they’re doing.

Being a hopeless romantic this could be one of the longest pieces yet to show in your GTG  but since you may have things in a greater balance I’ll spare you any further matters of the heart for now. It’s also worth mentioning that all of these loves will have their life-span and significance so take what positives you can with you into the future. I leave you this week with the thought that to love greatly is a brave and irreversible approach to life and the best way by far to travel to the fullest. Untill next week.

Travel love