Your GTG’s top ten reasons to pitch a tent

Greetings globetrotters and welcome to another week of mobile madness. So far we’ve discussed topics like what to expect from a hostel dorm, packing, language and all sorts of things but one thing we are yet to explore is the merit of camping as your main form of accommodation. Something people enjoy doing at home and away. This week we plan to remedy this heinous neglect. Without further ado, here are your GTG’s top selling points for raising the roof yourself with a few poles and pegs.Camping

  • It’s cheaper

This is pretty much the name of the game in travel for most of us. Any penny saved is one to spend at a more opportune moment. Camping fees are significantly less than a night in a hostel or hotel and in some cases even free (with a possible risk of a fine).

  • Location

Most campgrounds will be located outside the city at various distances. For many people, this means the chance to see places we may never have thought of had we stayed in the city centre. During some festivals (the running of the bulls comes to mind) the campsites can end up the life of the party and a great way to meet a bunch of people in a different setting.

  • Flexibility

By flexible your GTG means that things like curfews, lock outs, use of space and just general arrival and departure times all seem to be more flexible at a campsite. Campsites can also provide a ‘plan B’ if the hostels and hotels are all full.

  • Campfires

They light the night, keep everything warm, can be used for cooking, and bring out the folk singer in all of us. Not to mention they inspire creativity and are hopelessly romantic. I rest my case.

  • Animalscamping

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a feral cat playing between the fly sheet and inner layer of your tent. Ok so your GTG concedes that not 100% of your animal encounters will be desirable but the sight of a wild deer, wild birds at sunset or dolphins swimming off the beach where you’re camping can add something magical to your experience, animal lover or not.

  • Adventure

When camping anywhere it goes without saying to expect the unexpected. Naturally, for many of us, this is a large part of the fun. Arriving somewhere in the dark of night and waking there in the morning can be quite the eye opener, especially if a friendly or ‘not so friendly’ neighbour has arrived out of nowhere to greet you.

  • Scenery

Fields of sunflowers, rolling hills, deserted beaches, the possibilities are endless when you venture outside the four walls of formally established accommodation. An image of the Dixie Chicks singing wide open spaces definitely comes to mind here.

  • Camp cooking

Far beyond the simple pleasures of roasted marshmallows, camp fires can produce such gems as roasted potatoes, Australian Damper bread and South American Empanadas. The only limitation here is creativity.

  • Going tech freecamper

Before any of you panic, this can be embraced as a good thing. Amazing things happen when we are all forced to speak to each other in person. Some places will have access to electricity so you may not be forced to go cold Turkey but what an interesting experiment in such a technological age. A real holiday is one where you don’t have to respond to emails or keep up to date with the facebook world.

  • Something different

Last but not least, camping is great even just for a change. For those of you who have never tried camping, this is the perfect opportunity to tick it off your bucket list. Globetrotters who were dragged along unwittingly on family camping trips as children will still be pleasantly surprised to find that things are really different both as an adult and in a place far from home.

Well globetrotters, if that hasn’t convinced you I’m not sure what will, scout’s honour. As your GTG always says, whether it’s challenging or loads of fun, you owe it to yourselves. Untill next week.

camping 2