Come fly with me- Your GTG’s top 10 ways you know it’s time to go

Hi again globetrotters. Well we’ve made it half way through the year but many of us will have already been California dreaming of greener pastures. This week your GTG explores some of the signs that may have been staring you in the face letting you know you’re long overdue for  fun in the sun.

  • You’re bored with your jobhorsie

Ok so you’ve hit the snooze button 3 times, you pick your outfit based on comfort rather than presentation, you find yourself counting down the seconds and wonder what it was that appealed to you about your job in the first place, yep you’re ready to go.

  • Every day seems to be grey

Why would they make a movie called 500 days of summer when you’ve completely forgotten it existed? This may be felt more by those in the UK and Ireland, but as no insignificant consolation, nobody handles this weather better, and so so green.

  • You feel like going out but none of the local hot-spots entice you

It’s Saturday night, you could go to the.. Oh wait that’s right the same lame people you saw last time will be there, pass. There’s always the.. oh wait, they close in ten minutes. You know it’s time.

  • All your friends seem to have been somewhere since you last got back

Alright so you missed the last wedding or two in Bali or Thailand your friends invited you to but  the photos look so good and you can almost taste the food you had last time you were there. Your tummy knows it needs to go.

  • You actually open the emails from the ten different discount airlines in your email feed

So it’s not your currency any more but it seems like only yesterday you were earning Pounds Sterling or checking your savings in Euro. Then there’s the Friday frenzy from Jetstar that almost gets your debit card out of your wallet, then you remember the rent and the number of direct debits like your gym membership and private health insurance to consider. Hotmail and Gmail know the time has come.

  • You’re tempted by the idea of a Malaysian Airlines flight

Your GTG would also like to add at this point that I have only had positive experiences flying Malaysian Air and would happily do so again, With no disrespect to anyone effected by the recent tragedies, here we refer to the temptation of adventure and risk. It’s time to go.

  • You find most of the tracks in your latest playlist aren’t in English 

While salsa may be your usual choice for cooking tunes to inspire creativity in the kitchen, you may wake up one morning to find the balance has completely changed, Yet another sign you’re due for a break.

  • You see a catalogue from a camping store and all of a sudden tents seem comfortable again

While a massive fan of camping, 3 consecutive months in Spain and Portugal was enough to remind me there’s nothing quite like the comfort of your own bed, yet another way you know you’ve been in it too long.

  • You get out your backpack or suitcase ‘just to have a look’

Get out, get out now! You’ve past any grace period, you may now be vulnerable to tropical diseases, even just from the dreams you’ve been having. Doctors orders, pack your bags.

  • People’s travel stories on facebook seem more interesting than before to the point where you may even ‘like’ or comment

Alright so any good friend will give these the time of day, and of course any traveller knows these need all due attention but wait, wasn’t that the same statue in my picture? Hey ho time to go.

time to gooWell there you have it globetrotters, consider yourselves fairly warned and aptly educated. Your GTG is of course keen as always to share in any your personal expertise you might wish to pass on. Until next week.