This is your Captain snooze speaking- Your GTG’s top ten guide to surviving the sleep deprivation of travel.

Greetings once again globetrotters and congratulations to those of you who completed your Lenten vows leading up to Easter. To the rest of you I hope you have enjoyed an abundance of chocolate and time off work (in that order). This week we tackle a reality that many of us would avoid if possible-the reality that travel is, for most people, utterly   Your GTG came up with a few recommendations that may already be a part of your plan but if anyone can make use of the suggestions then it’s been worthwhile putting them together.

  1. Perfect the art of the alfresco Siesta– Provided the area you are checking out is safe for this kind of thing, an outdoor nap can save you the time and hassle of going back to your accommodation. The wider Latino community have long been privy to the secret of an afternoon nap and it’s potential to help people party through the night while still being able to function the next day. Fortunately, the number of available places for this kind of snooze are endless and could be anything from a park or beach, to the base of a monument.
  2. Travel backwards in time zones– Without the help of a time machine, we can still control which direction we travel in certain situations. The advantages of this idea are twofold in that you can avoid jet lag and possibly arrive early enough for a power nap before you start your day a second time.
  3. Eat a hearty breakfast– The good news about travel is that all your running around, sightseeing, trekking, and other activities burn off quite a few calories over the course of a busy day, giving you open slather to enjoy a full breakfast that will see you still standing at the end.
  4. Early morning shower– It may already be common knowledge but many people seem to pick that extra hit of the snooze button over a nice fresh shower before an early morning departure. Your GTG finds a shower a gentle way to convince your body that you are up and about at a more civilised time than you actually are while at the same time leaving you feeling fresher on arrival.
  5. Sunset coffee– So your breakfast may have gotten you so far but for those that love the night life some further stimulation may be necessary after a full day. Luckily for globetrotters, delicious coffee is available in many places around the world.
  6. Stock up on Vitamins and nutrients– While concerning oneself with this matter does strike me as a sign of aging, it can be worth it no matter what stage of life you are in. Whether this manifests as a commitment to fresh food in balance or a shopping basket full of vitamins this is a pretty risk free way to boost your energy and general health leading up to a trip and on the road.
  7. Plan to be tired– This idea simply suggests that after a long plane, bus, or car trip, it might be over ambitious to attempt a great deal of sight seeing on the same day. Factoring travel days into your planned itinerary is a nice and easy way to reduce the pressure on yourself and if done well, will leave you with plenty of time for an indulgent leisurely meal in your planned free time.
  8. Try to avoid night transport if you know you can’t sleep– Again potentially stating the obvious but your GTG has come across many a traveller that has booked an overnight bus or train, fully aware that they have trouble sleeping while on transport, which has of course detracted from their experience of that part of the trip.
  9. Keep a flexible itinerary where possible– Of course a certain amount of planning is unavoidable but keeping things loose when you can will allow you to make judgment call about what you can manage time-wise as you go along. Being flexible but prepared will also be kinder to your wallet and give countless additional benefits.
  10. Give yourself a rest window– Here your GTG is recommending a day or two off work/study either side of a trip (if you can swing it) purely to finish off those last few things you have left to do and allow you to charge your battery before you set off.

All in all, the adrenaline rush of travel will get you a long way but a bit of consideration of how much energy it can take will see you running around the globe like the Duracell bunny. Untill next week. Fell into profound sleep