P for persistance

Welcome globetrotters, well before our yearly gorge on chocolate rabbits and shiny wrappers we thought there would be just enough time to celebrate another of your GTG’s favourite attributes, and those most useful in the world of travel. Closely linked to bravery which we have recently acknowledged, is persistence, which is sometimes your only ticket to places in life and so too in the realm of the nomadic.

Much energy has been spent on isolating a number of obstacles that block the way for those with an inkling to rome, we’ve seen these discussed in detail, dot point and in picture form. The aim then of today is to focus on a main point of character that will enable us to overcome these obstacles.

Persistence relative to travel can manifest in many ways including the following:

  • Taking the time to look at all the possible flight paths, prices, websites, travel agents, and airlines
  • Taking the time to study the language
  • Reassuring your friends and family (sensibly of course) that your plans are fine and you could possibly do without their discouraging comments
  • Dedicating yourself to fitness training if you plan to venture a trip with a high degree of physical demand
  • Reading the visa fine print and all your options
  • Working a little extra and starting your savings early to give yourself the biggest financial freedom on the road
  • Organising time to get advice from the people you know who have done it all before
  • Keeping on top of current affairs to be aware of what you will meet when you arrive
  • Finishing off your regular ‘to do list’ so you can start with a clean slate when you arrive back and have no extra hassle while away
  • Obtaining any qualifications you had planned to use on your trip like a driver’s licence, English teaching qualifications or first aid certificate
  • Reading some other travellers’ reviews of the places you want to go and where you want to stay

Ok so this may sound like all work and no play, which while not exactly true, your GTG can vouch for the ground hours required. In a break of good news, if you pick a few areas to dedicate your time, energy and other resources, you will reap the rewards, and of course realise that your hard work was definitively worthwhile. Like with many parts of travel that integrate with the proverbs of every day life, the more you put in, the more you get out. Untill next week 🙂