Pre-trip anxiety

Hi there globetrotters, thanks once again for joining us on another left of centre travel adventure. Anxiety seems to be a common trouble experienced by far too many of our general communities but this week your GTG was keen to explore the unique stress and pressure that travellers experience before plunging into the great unknown.
No matter how many places you have been, it’s inevitable at some point that you will be going somewhere that is completely different to anywhere you have been before and no amount of reading (yes your GTG included) can give you a feel for exactly how things are on the ground. For this globetrotter, the biggest source of anxiety is that paranoia that I have the ability to change and influence my trip right up until I go, which transfers to merciful adreneline when I finally make it onto the plane. With all of this in mind, the following list of ideas are designed for anyone in this position, myself included as I plan for my next tip.

  • Try and achieve something each day– This can be something as little as learning the name of somewhere specific you’d like to visit on your trip, something you’d like to eat or even finally sending that email/facebook message to the friend(s) you plan to catch up with.
  • Book the bigger parts that you have decided on the details– An example of this would be to book any long distance flights, cruises, tours or events tickets (e.g world cup) ASAP because they are the ones more likely to increase in price the longer you procrastinate.
  • Spend some time reading reviews– Spend more time you say?- Well the idea here is that if you are dubious or apprehensive about any particular aspect of your trip then hearing from other travelers is the next best thing to having tested the waters for yourself. This one does come with a caution though, remember that anyone can write them, scrutinize at your own discretion 🙂
  • Put a little extra money away when you can– Cash flow is one of the biggest stresses on individuals and relationships in our daily lives and when your safety/quality of experience are extra reliant on it (as in when you’re away from home) then this becomes amped to the maximum. Just the simple act of seeing your savings balance go up will help lower your blood pressure.
  • Enjoy your pre-trip life– The theory here is that if you have put in the hard yards with your saving and planning then you ought to be rewarded. Your GTG could name too many travelers we have seen punish themselves right up until departure and then have a really hard time letting go to fully enjoy their trip.
  • Try and keep up with your other routine habits– Wherever possible, if you would normally exercise daily, do it, if you would normally read a trashy magazine and ponder the crossword then do it, If you have essays/reports, write away, if you write a weekly travel blog, do it, and most importantly if you transform into a kitchen genie spending hours on a meal or 2 weekly then definitely do it 🙂  You will kick yourself if you don’t and nothing spurs productivity than seeing yourself achieve.

On that note (is anyone still with me?) travel is one of the best ways to show yourself what you are capable of so if you’re up for the challenge then pack your bags! Till next week.