Hop off after hopping on- Your GTG’s call for more down time on the road

Hi there globetrotters and you’re once again very welcome to our weekly travel congregation. This week we investigate the various merits of taking things slowly, and viewing a trip with quality over quntity in mind. This funnily enough is one of the most difficult balances for most globetrotters (especially if you’re anything like me) to achieve.

When planning a trip it is our curious instinct that will always add to rather than subtract from an itinerary. Many globetrotters counteract this predisposition by specifying as few as possible of the dates they plan to be places. The benefits of an extended stay can be anything from having enough time for your hand-washed laundry to dry through to an extra date in a cosy restaurant with that spunky local.

How do I simplify a trip?

I thought you’d never ask 🙂 The follwing are a basic list of ideas that you may or may not be able to reconcile within yourself.

  • Write a list of the places you could visit ordered by priority and trim from the bottom up.
  • Look into how much transport costs between each place.
  • Look at accomodation prices for each place.
  • Look at how much you want to do in each spot and estimate a minimum amount of time you would like to spend there.
  • Think about where you might know people that you want to see or that have offered to show you around somewhere.
  • Consider the places that will be most difficult to visit at another time.
  • Look for any clear cut divisions that may formulate the makings of a second trip to be embarked upon at a later date.
  • Sit down with an experienced traveller and sound out their opinion in relation to the trip you have in mind.

There are of course many other benefits to lingering a little longer in the one sport. A few of these could be:

  • Time to engage in a language course/homestay and develop a basic proficiency.
  • Find employment, in turn sourcing yourself an income, AKA travel funds.
  • The opportunity to develop more meaningful friendships or connections with people.
  • You will have a better idea of how things work on a day-in day out basis in that spot, like where people go to let their hair down after work for example.

The moral of this weeks sermon globetrotters is that sometimes less is more, and as always, a little forward thinking can establish how to work that into your travel aspirations. Until next week 🙂