Who wants to be a globetrotting millionaire?

Welcome globetrotters to another of our weekly wanderlust musings. This week we combine a love of travel and trivia as we premiere our first ever globetrotting quiz! This is an interactive quiz so please reply with your answers and those who are quickest and closest will be heralded next week 🙂 The winner will also be sent a hand-written post card if they leave an address. No google cheating (well you can but what fun would that be?) and in true crossword style the answers will appear in next week’s GTG 🙂 Ready, set, go!

Q1) Which island group includes Ibiza, Menorca and Majorca?

Q2)  O’Hare Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Which American city does it serve?RSA flag

Q3) What is the official language of Cambodia?

Q4) Which flag is featured in the following picture?

Q5) What is the current population of London?  (a) around 3 million (b) around 5.5 million (c) around 8.1 million, or (d) around 10.2 million.

Q6) The Skiing village of Whistler is situated in which Canadian provence near which major city?

Q7) Which two countries are separated by the famous Iguasu falls?

Q8) Name the landmark pictured on the right.Edinburgh castle

Q9) Name the capital city of Ethiopia.

Q10) In which city is the running of the bulls (los san fermines) held?

Q11) Where would you find the river Liffey?

Q12) Which country is known for such curious museums as those dedicated to noodles and salmon?

Q13) Name 5 Parisian attractions (1 point for each)

Q14) Australia has a love for larger-than-life fibreglass objects along the East coast. Which of the following are not a real ‘big thing’? (a) The big banana (b) The big Pineapple (c) The big lamington , or (d) The big Merino (sheep)

Q15) Which country is represented by the animal below?Kiwi

Well I hope that has challenged and entertained you to satisfaction. Keep those answers coming and till next week.

NB, some clues may be found in previous GTG entries…