One moment in time…

Welcome again globetrotters to December, and to another link in the travel chain. Far from being a tribute to the late and great Whitney Houston, this week we look at how much can stay with you from a moment captured in a travel photograph, both at the time and in retrospect. To do this, I dug up an example from yours truly (madly, deeply).


Where is it taken?-  Dubrovnic, Croatia

This photo was taken on a three week holiday in the European summer 2011. Living in Edinburgh at the time, my best friend Jess and I attempted to make the most possible of our time and see some places we hadn’t been. After browsing a range of potential music festivals we settled on the amazing EXIT festival in Novisad Serbia (see numerous past GTG entries for more details).

The scene

The city itself is a celebration of how a place can be redeemed from the destruction of regional conflict and a stark reminder of not so peaceful days for the locals. This particular street shows off signature alfresco dining, stonework, lampposts and signage, all part of a European stereotype.

That pose?

Despite possible appearances I have a tendency toward the self conscious so this pose is a sign to me that I was relaxed, care-free, in the moment, enjoying myself, amongst a million other clichés.

I’m wearing?

The shirt in this pic is a hand designed and imaged number made by Jess specially for EXIT festival. By coincidence this T is absolutely up there with the most comfortable I own!

Royal Caribbean

This is the company for whom my Serbian friend quit his comfortable job in IT at 30 years old to work as a photographer. The Caribbean is where my Scottish friend Lauraine has recently moved and finally a Royal Caribbean cruise is how I plan to celebrate my 30th next year.


This is the name of the coffee company for which I worked in Edinburgh. This is also the company boasting the famous Costa Concordia that crashed off the coast of Tuscany in 2012 rocking the entire cruise industry.

Your GTG now invites to you pick a photos of your own travels and try the same idea. It may show you how worthwhile the investment of your money, time, and any sacrifices have been. Until next week, happy snapping!

English: American singer Whitney Houston perfo...

English: American singer Whitney Houston performing on Good Morning America (Central Park, New York City) on September 1, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)