Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Dude where’s my phone?- Your GTG’s diagnosis of the phone to backpack epidemic

Welcome globetrotters to our last meeting of 2013! If you have been searching for a 2014 new year’s resolution then may we take this opportunity to risk a value-laden suggestion of consciously leaving your… Continue reading

One moment in time…

Welcome again globetrotters to December, and to another link in the travel chain. Far from being a tribute to the late and great Whitney Houston, this week we look at how much can… Continue reading

Crossing the drawbridge- Your GTG’s guide to castles and walled cities around the world

Welcome back globetrotters and I hope your arms and wallets have recovered from the copious vaccination injections recommended last week. This week we celebrate the handmade and the historic as we take a look… Continue reading

Healthy, not so wealthy, but wise- Your GTG’s quick guide to travel vaccinations

Season’s greetings globetrotters and welcome back as we muddle though the first entry of the final month of 2013. What a long and terrifying list it would be to individually name all the kinds… Continue reading

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