Your GTG’s top ways to show love to a traveller

Welcome back globetrotters after what seems like for ever (pre-holiday vacation perhaps…). This week we discuss one of the most important things that will make a difference to you on the road, the little things or lack of that can make or break an experience.

Shower– Having spent 3 months camping from ground to ground in places where feral cats seem to outnumber the domestic kind, nothing, and I mean nothing will be more appealing than a good long, shower with oodles of soapy goodness, some nice shampoo and in many cases conditioner.

Bed– Just when you thought your body had forgotten the memory of a comfortable night’s sleep, an everyday hero/heroine can come out of nowhere and offer you the essentials for what may be the sleep of a lifetime.

Car– With the loan of a car or offer of a lift, you no longer need to scratch those places off your list that seemed un-reachable by public transport, or by a bus that may come once every millennia. That said, of course your GTG is thrilled that buses are available for the use of both visitors and locals.

Washing clothes– At some stage during your travels, you will have worn all your clothes and slept in half of them at least once. When it gets to this point, all kinds of special thanks await the lucky sod who offers the use of his or her washing machine, even just for the sake of odour-reduction.

Food– The real treat in this case is not just the chance to eat, but the chance to eat well. We all know how haute-cuisine can fall victim to the restrictions of budget constraints so the offer of a good meal, whether home-cooked or fine dining, will no doubt be greatly appreciated.

Drink– In a similar way to food, the opportunity to drink something above the price range that usually comes in a carton is a golden ticket. I can think of a particular friend in the south of France who most definitely has a few bottles waiting in lieu on his next trip to Australia.

Tour– Outside the recommendations of your chosen guidebook lie some hidden gems which a local will be able to point out on a casual tour of the area. If you have any specific needs like a chemist/pharmacy, grocery, or even a Jeweller (for you amorous nomads), a personal tour by a local can touch on all of these. In many cases this is mostly an opportunity to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Job– Given that travel is never free, the peace of mind in financial security can not be underestimated. If you happen to run a business and could use a few hands on deck, mobile labour can also come cheap… 🙂

Store stuff For those of us that have trouble travelling light, the opportunity to take a small, breakaway trip sans- luggage is an absolute luxury, as is the relief of avoiding excess-baggage fees.

Razor– When airport security says no, things like personal grooming become more of a challenge. For this reason, a good old bic disposable will make the wandering yeti or the prickly princess feel brand new. 

Jumper/Jacket– We can all be caught by surprise when it comes to changing weather. Rather than be kept housebound, the loan of a nice warm jacket or a wooly Jumper can make getting out and about a possibility.

Date– For solo travellers it can get a little lonely on the road and despite the many people you may come into contact with, it can be surprisingly difficult to maintain close relations with any particular individual.

Well today we’ve covered a little from both sides of the travel spectrum. I’m sure you will all have a list of your own life-saving luxuries and as always your GTG is keen to hear your ideas (which you can write using the ‘leave comment’ option), Untill next week!