Your GTG’s top 10 forms of pocket-sized, mobile entertainment.

English: Typical Playing Cards. (An Anglo-Amer...

English: Typical Playing Cards. (An Anglo-American cards) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome back globetrotters for your latest fix of globtetrotting miscellaneous. If the sounds of “are we there yet?” are all too familiar then you may find particular comfort in this week’s topic of interest. Whether on the road or waiting somewhere ready to go, this week we look at some novel ways to pass the time that will still pass the test of packing light.

A deck of cards– One thing about cards is that almost every country plays with them in some form, making them the perfect catalyst for expanding your cultural awareness and making new friends on the road. Cards can of course be played individually, with groups, and even as a drinking game.

Iphone/ Ipad mini- Having recently entered the fast-expanding I-world, It is easy to witness firsthand the variety of functions and different forms of entertainment these devices can perform, of course within the limitations of battery life and internet access.

Pen and paper -This may be our broadest suggestion but it is certainly the one with the most possibilities, having paper makes anything from origami to naughts and crosses (tic tac toe) possible.


Harmonica (Photo credit: Clover_1)

Harmonica– While you may feel a riverboat somewhere tranquil would be the perfect scenery for such a magical instrument, don’t let such romantic ideas limit you. In the harmonica you will find a pint-sized piece of joy that can follow you anywhere!

Dice (a collection of 6 is usually a good number)– Along with the traditional yahtzee, dice can be used in games and even decision making of many kinds.

Ukelele– Stretching the boundries of  your pockets rather than fitting inside them, a Ukelele is also ‘so hot right now’ and a more transportable alternative to a guitair (albeit more restricitve from a musician’s perspective).Ukelele player Jake Shimabukuro performing at ...

3 Small balls– Ideal for juggling, hacky sack, or any number of ball games..

 Mini rubix cube– just as much fun as the original but only half the size. Hours of amusement can be spent solving this perpetual puzzle. Ideal for the solo traveler and can quickly be put away once you flight has been called for boarding.

Novelty phrasebook– Whether travelling solo or with a group, reading through some phrases in the local lingo is bound to bring a few laughs and even educate. I have flashbacks of a lovely evening in San Sebastian (Spain) spent passing such a book around our small group of 4 to the response of hilarious laughter upon hearing such translations as “don’t worry I’ll do it myself”.

and finally (drum roll….)

A Dictaphone– I know many of you will make the fair point that an iphone/smartphone can perform the same function but the battery life here is apparently of real concern. A Dictaphone can be used to make your own music, record some memories, even to record (with permission) some snippets of the local language to practice while you wait. As with all entertainment the only limitation is your creativity 🙂

rubix cube @ Illuminares

rubix cube @ Illuminares (Photo credit: Dustin Quasar)

Well I’m sure you could add some more to the list such as a mini book of your favourite kind of puzzle but here I have gone for versatility where possible. Happy lack of boredom and until next week!.