Stream or no stream- Your GTG’s top 10 places to row your own boat

Ahoy globetrotters and welcome to your latest globetrotting headlines. Well Mary Poppins did it, Julie Andrews did it again in the Sound of music, and merrily or otherwise, many couples around the world have enjoyed the romance and dreaming of a miracle ride in a row boat. This week your GTG explores some of the preferable options.

Español: Paseo de México en el Parque del Reti...

  • El Parque RetiroThis beautiful central park in Madrid is the perfect lunch break from strolling down Gran Via or through the halls of the  Prado museum.
  • Ueno Koen–  Since visitors to Tokyo will already be in the area to visit the fine museums, why not unwind with a break in the lovely Ueno park?
    Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

    Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Amsterdam canals– For the quintissential European experience challenge your navigational skills along the many of Amsterdam’s Idyllic canals on a range of different paddle or row boats.
  • Lake Balaton– If hollidaying like a Hungarian appeals to you then a visit to the Balaton area is an absolute must. Being the biggest lake in Eastern Europe, why not try out a few different points on the lake while you’re there.

    Lake Balaton

    Lake Balaton

  • Fuji 5 lakes– We’ve all heard of Mount Fuji but many of you may not be aware of the gorgeous Fuji 5-lakes (Fuji go ko to the Japanese) at it’s base. The best thing here is the fresh air and the view! Take the observation carriage on the train there and back to get in the mood.

    City park Budapest

    Budapest city park

  • Budapest -Városliget  to Hungarians or city park to anglophones, my best advice here is to exert yourself earlier in the day, followed buy a short stroll and a full evening relaxing in the divine Széchenyi Fürdő Turkish style bathes.
  • Bois de Vincennes– Marking Paris’s eastern fringe is the serene and picturesque park known as Bois de Vincennes. For those finding le tour eiffel a little too crowded, why not choose here for your proposal?
  • Lake Titicaca- Bolivia/Peru– You could go somewhere pretty, or you could always check out the birthplace of the Incan empire, no big deal, up to you…Luckily It happens to also be a sight for sore eyes 🙂
  • Chuzenji-ko (lake Chuzenji)– Visitors to Nikko Japan will no doubt be planing to check out the Toshogu shrine complex and the three monkeys, but if you’re really lookng to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil then Chuzenji ko is the place to be.
  • Sydney Harbour– This may be the closest thing going to a real-life postacard moment so savour if you get half the chance. Of course you will be sharing the space with ferries, jet boats, cruise ships and vessels of all kinds but the adreneline will be totally worth it!

So happy rowing and until next week!

English: Sydney Harbour Bridge

English: Sydney Harbour Bridge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)