Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Japan by Jitanbaiki- shopping on the run

Morning Globetrotters (Australian Eastern Standard time) and once again welcome back to your GTG as we tackle all the travel world’s ‘most pressing’ topics and break it down for your literary digestion. Today… Continue reading

Girls just wanna have fun-women and travelling

Welcome globetrotters, and an especially cordial greeting to our male readers as we shed some light on a subject that is relevant to half of us, and even more relevant to the other… Continue reading

Interview with a globetrotter #11

Welcome as always Globetrotters as we enter our eleventh travel-file, where we bring the knowledge of the mobile world to your screen through the words and wisdom of our globetrotting elite. This week,… Continue reading

This isn’t where I parked my car- the GTG’s guide for beginner Nudists (or public bathers)

Welcome globetrotters, continuing with our theme of keeping luggage to a ‘bare’ minimum.¬†Bathing is both necessary for personal hygene and a social¬†occasion in many parts of the word which you are likely to… Continue reading

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