Interview with a globetrotter #10

If there ever was a time to enjoy the best of Scotland then summer is surely it. As Scotland basks in a rare opportune dosage of sunlight what better time to introduce our newest starlet of the globetrotting kind Lauraine Osa-Nappier, please make her welcome.Lauraine

Name: Lauraine Osa-Nappier

Age: 31

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

GTG: How does travel change you?

LON: Travel makes you more self reliant and independent. It teaches you the importance of being aware of those around you and appreciative of what you have.  

GTG: What is the best part of learning a foreign language?

LON: I really struggle with languages but I would say the best part is being able to integrate with people of different cultures more easily.

GTG: When having a partner from a different country, how does visiting there help you understand them?

LON: By visiting your partners home country it enables you to understand their outlook on life better. It makes you realize how their opinions were formed and gives you more respect for the person to see the cultural barriers they overcame to build a life in a new country.

GTG: What is the best thing you have ever bought overseas?

LON: I’m not a souvenir person as I prefer photographs but would have to say probably a traditional Thai dress that I bought for my friend as a birthday gift.

GTG: Describe one of your ‘once in a lifetime experiences’.

LON: I have seen lots of the typical sights and beaches but I really remember my first night in Bangkok I went for a drink with a friend. Being a naïve new traveler I ended up playing jenga with what I thought were 2 nice Thai girls. By the end of the night I had to pay 500 baht each to their ladyboy madame just for the game of jenga. I learnt a valuable lesson haha. But by talking to these girls I realized how lucky I am to have had my upbringing and opportunities. They are not to be judged these were intelligent, funny and kind young women in a bad situation.

GTG: Where is the most memorable place you have stayed in?

LON:  Memorable for being the strangest place was a “hotel” in Beijing with no glass in the windows just shutters. It constantly had traditional Chinese music piped into your room 24hrs a day. The receptionist kept trying to sell me DVD’s in German and Dutch which was amusing. I stayed 2 nights and left but the little bar did make great cocktails. Really random and sleepless experience.

GTG: Would you recommend it?

LON: I wouldn’t recommend if you enjoy your sleep but if you want a good cocktail and love Chinese music then it’s right up your street.

GTG: What is the first thing in your suitcase/backpack?

LON: Money & passport.

GTG: If you had to skip one thing on a trip, what would it be?

LON: If I had the option I would skip customs/immigration queues in China definitely not an experience I want to repeat 🙂

GTG: What is one thing you do to make yourself comfortable while you’re travelling?

LON: The best way to stay comfortable is to accept the unexpected. Don’t stress as you will for sure get lost, miss your train/bus, get a booking mixed up. Always have a packet of wipes and a bottle of water in your bag. Also your phone fully charged with spare battery feeling secure gives you confidence.

GTG: Who do you keep in touch with from your travels?

LON: My mum always as she is a worrier and close friends when possible.

GTG: What city would you most want to live in outside of Scotland?

LON: Probably New York it’s just buzzing.

GTG: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on TV overseas?

LON:  MTV Asia is really random and energetic and I can’t understand a word of the manic presenter but really funny.

GTG: What makes you proud to be Scottish?

LON: I am proud to be part of a small population, not many of us carry this accent. That we have still kept our identity despite not having our independence.

GTG: Would you agree that travelling makes it easier to relate to people who have come to your country from other places?

LON: I don’t know if it makes it easier but it makes you more confident to speak to them. For example living in Spain the Spanish were very welcoming to me but I find the Spanish community in Scotland are very insular and difficult to form friendships with.

GTG: What’s the most stressful thing about travel for you?

LON: The most stressful thing is flying I really hate airports, I see it as a necessary evil.

GTG: How do you leave a light footprint in the communities you visit?

LON: I would say it’s the other way round, they leave their footprint on me. I don’t think an individual traveler has an impact on the places they go to, they are there to observe, learn and enjoy.

GTG: What do you think about when planning for a trip?

LON: I always chose a place based on if I have a interest in the culture, landmarks, food or just feel the need for some sun as we don’t have much in Scotland 🙂

GTG: How do you pick yourself up when you’ve had a rough day abroad?

LON: I take a deep breath and just remember I could be home doing a mundane job in the rain…. that usually works.

GTG: Have you every had to pay for excess baggage?

LON:  I am a clothes addict so I have had a few close calls with excess baggage but always been let off with the charge but in Australia I had to post a lot home prior to leaving.

Thanks to Lauraine for sharing her time and stories with us here at the GTG. We will be sure to drag her along on our next shopping spree 🙂 Happy reading and globetrotting, until next week.