Interview with a globetrotter #9

Well globetrotters, when he took a short break from sailing the seven seas the enigmatic man from Amsterdam Klaas Krook took the time to chat to us here at GTG, and boy are we glad he did. Please make him welcome! Klaas

Name: Klaas Krook

Age: 35

Home area: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

GTG: What is your dream travel job?

KK: Street Sales.

GTG: What is the most important thing (for you) to do on a trip?

KK: Meeting & learning about culture and faith, what drives people.

GTG: What did you/do you do differently with more experience of travelling?

KK: Spend less, it’s also a good gesture to give the book you just finished away to someone nice or who would learn from reading it.

GTG: If you’re going to spend a lot of money on one thing for your trip, what would it be?

KK:  Nothing.

GTG: Books are heavy but full of useful/interesting stuff or space to write things on, what rules do you have about books and packing?

KK: None.

GTG: Do you post photos while you’re on the road, or wait till you get home?

KK: Only when I miss my friends.

GTG: Which would be your to 5 rivers to take a boat down (in order)?

KK: I love all rivers, the Mekong would be my favourite.

GTG: What dish from your travels have you added to your home cooking?

KK: Burmese Lamb.

GTG: Which word(s) best describe your attitude to travel?

KK: Open minded curiosity.

GTG: What is your biggest brush with nature on your travels?

KK: Jungle fever. (your GTG suggests jungle boogie may have come a close second).

GTG: What is the biggest surprise you have had on your travels?

KK: Meeting a friend by coincidence in Cameroon.

GTG: How long before a trip do you start preparing?

KK: Two weeks.

GTG: What is the first thing you notice about a new place?

KK: The people.

GTG: What is the most awkward thing you ever packed to take with you? How did you manage?

KK: Cowboy boots.

GTG: How often do you like to get online when you’re travelling?

KK: Once a week.

GTG: Where do you think is the most family friendly place to travel?

KK: Thailand

Well there you have it, and for those of you heading to Amsterdam, if you get the chance to catch up with this able seaman, he makes a great tour guide. So until next week, puff your poffertjes and get your clog stomp on.


Sailor (Photo credit: Baljinder Sra)