Interview with a globetrotter #7

Welcome as usual globetrotters, thanks for celebrating our recent first anniversary (I of course celebrated with a nice port), and congratulations for nearly having made it half way through the year. While it may have left some of us under-prepared, this can be considered your chance to get ahead for the next half. Well he may be a little shy but this week’s international man if mystery sure knows a thing or two about travel. Say peekaboo as we welcome Eric.

EricName: Eric

Home Area: Sydney Australia

Age: 28

GTG: What is the best hostel you have stayed at anywhere?

E: Best hostel: hard to think of at the moment, the one in Osaka (J Hoppers, little rainbow lane, Fukushima) was pretty nice – I actually ran into a guy I went to primary school in Sydney with there. Also with hostels: I’ve tried some air bnb and they work out pretty well.

GTG: What is a food you have tried that you wouldn’t eat again?

E: Mmm, I’ve had some pretty strange stuff but nothing that outright disgusted me. Some things I would avoid are salted liquorice, oolong tea, and fermented shark.

GTG: Do you have a favourite airline?

E: Anything that doesn’t require me to fight for my seat.

GTG: Any creepy animal stories?

E: I was swimming in Patras (Greece), felt a sharp spike in my toe. Thought nothing of it. Few days later it swelled up, and didn’t really want to go to a hospital because you know, Greece… Some girls we met (seriously heart of steel) just sat me down, got some steriliser, and lanced the swelling, and washed the wound out. I still have that toe, so everything went all right.

GTG: What’s the best service you have had while travelling?

E: I’ve had pretty good and positive experiences – but the best service is one where they have English communicators that are willing to help – it’s easier for everyone this way.

GTG: Most adventurous thing you’ve done travelling?

E:  I dunno, just buy a eurail ticket with a friend and have 0 planning except for knowing that we needed camping equipment for some music festivals. Worked out well, because you have no plans and a pass to go anywhere you feel like.

GTG: How often is clothes washing necessary?

E: Depends on your level of hygiene. I have a pretty high level, so I’m washing everywhere when I can, even if it’s in the wash basin with some soap.

GTG: Is there anywhere you’ve felt unsafe? If so where?

E: I took a night train in Serbia, saw some people smuggling white powder. Mystery train stop in the middle of the night, and buckets of stuff taken from under our seats…

Also I was travelling with a mate and he had a b’day in Istanbul, we were out in the town, met some 2 other young turkish dudes, they offered to buy drinks, took us to a “belly dance” club – very suspicious. We tried to leave after 10 minutes after having a beer and a naguile (shisha), was gonna cost us 300 euros

luckily the ATM was on the street level, so we said we didn’t have cash (lie), went to the atm, and ran off
saw those guys the next night on the main street, trying to get other foreigners into that belly dance club
moral: nothing is free.
GTG: How do you treat yourself when you’re travelling?
E: I like eating.
GTG: What events are worth a facebook status from the road?
E: I dunno, interesting pictures and stuff. If you’re on facebook looking for travel approval then you’re doing it for the wrong reason.
GTG: Stupidest thing you’ve seen someone do while travelling?
E: not sure – I guess when you travel you meet people which is totally part of the experience but shouldn’t be the focus of travelling (in a nicer way than saying just wanting to get laid).
GTG: what habit(s) have you picked up from your travels?
E: Don’t show wealth, learnt how to manage travelling light,  life isn’t about schedules, don’t trust everyone until they’ve earned it.
GTG: If you were to do an organized tour where/what kind would it be?
E: Europe, because so many different cultures, languages, people in such a small area.
GTG: Do you have any upcoming trips planes?
E: No I’m working at the moment 😦
GTG: Finally, when it comes to chopsticks, how do you decide when to use and when not to use?
E: Always use.
Well as always we here at the GTG respect travel as part of people’s personal development and private experience but are thankful to all who have shared their stories, tips, opinions and more with us so far. Your collective expertise adds credibility to what is otherwise a mass of unsubstantiated theory 🙂 Thanks again and till next week.