Interview with a globetrotter #6

May I take this opportunity to say welcome to our new family here at GTG, I am currently all kinds of over excited about the love we have been receiving here in the last couple of weeks, so thank you all for sharing in the media hype 🙂 This week we put together our own chairs as we strain to hear the drums (wait for it) and say a huge hello and welcome to the simply stunning Diana Nawara.

Swedish Flag

Name: Diana Nawara Diana

Age: 27

Home Area:  Göteborg Sweden, now (Sydney) Australia

GTG: Where would you like to retire?

DN: Australia

GTG: If you had to trek somewhere where would it be?

DN: Probably South America.

GTG: What music makes the best sound track for your travels?

DN: Hmm.  I used to have loads of David grey, now I think loads of lounge chillout like bonobo is great.

GTG: Where would you go for good food?

DN: Oooh there is this restaurant in on an island in Sweden.  Not sure what the name is kärringö translated bitch island…  Best cooked fish ever.

GTG: What is the most out of the ordinary thing you have tried when travelling?

DN: Unusual thing…  I guess new Zealand is full off things…  Swimming with dolphins…  Glacier climbing…  Oh I did like the first night dive I did in Fiji.

GTG: What is the best book related to travel you have read (in any language) ?

DN: Books…  Hmmm don’t read much but I do like the flower in Africa’s dessert…  Made me wanna go to Africa fighting for women’s rights even more.

GTG: Where was the best coffee you’ve had?

DN: Oooh best coffee,  169 in Rand wick…  I’m a soy snob so the Eastern suburbs have the best soy coffee.

GTG: How do you organize your trips? Do you book stuff online, travel agent etc?

DN: I usually book flights with a travel agent.. But after I have checked the prices online.  I Def like booking with agents as I often can get tips etc.  Oftentimes I never book excursions before I go…

GTG: What is the most useful skill for travelling?

DN: The opposite to being naïve… And patience

GTG: Do you have any collections from you travels?

DN: Um…  I used to collect postcards,  that way I always knew the name of the places…

GTG: What is the festival you would most like to get to?

DN: I really would like to check out the big day out and groove in the moo sometime

Well as our globetrotting family grows, remember to pass on any useful tips to people you know who are heading overseas. On the other hand if you think it would be more amusing to watch them do something stupid at least tell us here at GTG the story and supply some photographic evidence 🙂 In all seriousness, the GTG appeals to all of you to recommend us to someone, here you can choose your own family……. Till next week.

As Good as New

As Good as New (Photo credit: Wikipedia)