Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Stuck in the mud- The problem with ‘ecotourism’

“Recreation, tourism and the environment are interdependent, but their relationship is not constant, varying over space and time” (Pigram and Jenkins 2003, 249). This globetrotters, is the message of the week, that tourism and… Continue reading

Interview with a globetrotter #7

Welcome as usual globetrotters, thanks for celebrating our recent first anniversary (I of course celebrated with a nice port), and congratulations for nearly having made it half way through the year. While it may have left… Continue reading

I heard it through the grapevine- travel contributions of the vinous kind

Well as some of us gather our winter woolies while others bask in the joy of shedding layers, we return to cover another travel-related tangent of high interest and debatable urgency. This week the GTG has elected to… Continue reading

Interview with a globetrotter #6

May I take this opportunity to say welcome to our new family here at GTG, I am currently all kinds of over excited about the love we have been receiving here in the last… Continue reading

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