Interview with a globetrotter #5

Well tis the season to settle with some Langos, a glass of egri bikaver or a delicious bowl of Gulyas as we welcome this week’s globetrotter to the hotseat.

Name: David HorvathDavid

Age: 32

Home area: Lake Balaton, Hungary

GTG: Where was the first place you went out of your country?

DH: Ireland, I’m still a resident there/here

GTG: How many countries have you been to?

DH: Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Germany, and Spain

GTG: If you had to write a city guide to one place, where would you choose and why?

DH: Granada for its historical, mixed culture shock and  its endless possibilities to enjoy life there from the free tapas bars , the strong flamenco scene, the snowcapped Sierra Nevada and its more than 40 degrees temperature. I would probably not miss mentioning the white nest hostel which has an incredible warm, and customer-focused vibe for acceptable price.

GTG: What makes a trip complete for you?

DH: Meeting people, locals and hostel buddies

GTG: Who would be your ultimate travel buddy?

DH: I dunno

GTG: Where is the top of your list to visit where you haven’t been yet?

DH: Hehe too many places I`ve just read an amazing blog (only in Hungarian sorry) from a Hungarian guy who made the complete South American continent including  Mexico and some of the West Indian countries and made Asia 3 years ago. This would be fine for me as well I guess. Also visit you down under! 🙂 or as the song says I wanna be in New Orleans it’s my favourite place to be

GTG: What is the best decision you have made while travelling?

DH: Nothing special, but when we were in Spain after couple of days pointless wandering alone in Malaga  I was ready to go home but finally I got back on the right track by going up to Granada by hitchhiking. One of my favourite places still!

GTG: What would be your dream trip?

DH: I guess I just answered that…

GTG: Describe one moment when you knew you were travelling.

DH: There are many… Playing volleyball on the beach of Barcelona with friends who I met earlier here in Dublin. Then we spent a lovely weekend in the mountains in Catalonia.

-Being on the Motorway in Germany and the mountains and the whole road is just front of you.

-The Sun is rising in a  “Fjord” in Scotland on a Ferry docking to Stanraer, and I was listening to Codex by Radiohead. Since then whenever I hear that song I recall that scene.

– The first time the Piccadilly Circus, Atomium or the Eiffel Tower, Things that you know that existed before but you had seen only on telly before 🙂

-Cycling in the rush hour traffic in London on a typical rainy day

-A late night walk in the Hyde Park and seeing Roger the Pelican after an amazing show in the  Hammersmith Apollo.

-Listening to a busker didgeridoo player when the Sun was going down in Prague at the Stone Bridge and then later having a chat with my cousin who just said that he had the same moment there one year earlier.

GTG: Who is the strangest person you have met on your travels?

DH: Maybe the German  truck driver with bundesliga hairdo who just randomly told me that when he goes home he meets up with his buddies in the garage and does Stars in their eyes on KISS and AC/DC.

GTG:What is your favourite thing to do when you’re travelling?

DH: Get lost

GTG: What is the top of your packing list?

DH: Camera maybe but I do not have that list.

GTG: What is one thing you do in every country?

DH: Eat the typical food of the country and so also drinking.

GTG: What do you take photos of?

DH: Of course everything, but by browsing my old photos  I just realised I have a special leaning towards shooting statues.

GTG: What do you keep as your souvenirs?

DH: I am not that type, but recently started to bring presents to give my mum, e.g. a Tartan blanket, and an Arabic poem as a painting. Small things.

GTG: Do you worry about anything when you travel?

DH: My budget.

GTG: Finally What makes you proud of your home when you travel?

DH: The Hungarian spicy food and humour.

So as David’s position of ultimate travel buddy is still open, feel free to advertise yourself here on the GTG and you might find yourself a new friend… In all seriousness, the GTG encourages interaction between all travelers and a chance to swap tales, the only tough question is who’s getting the next round… Stay tuned for more globetrotting profiles and a special thanks to David and all other GTG interviewees. So for now we leave you with the promise of plenty more to come. Till next week.