Interview with a globetrotter # 2

This week the GTG is proud to introduce Jessie Farrow, fellow traveler, Novocastrian, and my usual partner in crime.

Name: Jessica Farrow

Age: 27

Home area: Newcastle NSW, Australia


GTG: What’s the most unusual place you’ve traveled to?

JF: Japan, so many weird and wacky things as well as total surprises e.g. trains stopping and calorie bars… and dont forget the lots of ‘biggest’ things

GTG: What’s the longest you’ve been away from home at one time?

JF:  18months

GTG: What do you miss the most when you’re away from home?

JF: Family!…. and occasionally familiarity but mostly I’m loving discovering the different so much that im not worried about the familiar
GTG:Where is the top of your list to visit?

JF: South America
GTG: What’s the one thing you don’t leave home without?

JF: A bottle of water.. I know this question is looking for something a little more exciting here but that is my honest answer
GTG: What’s one thing you’d never do overseas?

JF: Shoplift, I generally try to avoid breaking laws. The consequences overseas although specifically may be unknown to me at the time definitely do not appeal

GTG: Is there anywhere you’d never go back to?

JF: No

GTG: What’s the most unusual method of travel you’ve used?

JF: Camel
GTG: How long is your ideal trip?

JF:  3-6 Months
GTG:Where do you go to relax?

JF: Somewhere cheap with sun and beaches e.g. Thailand
GTG:Best beaches?

JF: Australia Followed by Thailand and the Algarve in Portugal comes in too

GTG: What’s the best food you’ve eaten on your travels?

JF: Sri Lankan Roti, unlike the Indian version they put a delicious mixture of vegies or meat (your choice) inside and  fold the bread around it
GTG:Perfect number to travel in?

JF: Very hard but I would say 1 or 2 there are definite pros and cons for both
GTG: What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken on the road?

JF: buying weed in Thailand, although I have felt much more scared in situations of night travel in India
GTG: Who’s the coolest person you’ve met travelling?

JF: I  would have to say Mikko Anttinen, Michael in English. A Finnish guy that I met in Rome who came from studying in Spain. He had the best English I have ever seen in a non native speaker (better than my own) and an interest in so many things, as well as in himself being super interesting
GTG: What’s the one thing from your travels you wish you could get at home?

JF: Cheap good quality foods like cheese pastas and breads
GTG: What is your favourite accent at the moment?

JF: (E)Spanish
GTG: Hardest language to negotiate?

JF: Mandarin Chinese
GTG: What’s your travel ambition?

JF: Visit somewhere on all of the continents
GTG: What’s the strangest thing you’ve brought back into the country?

JF: Myself I would have to say…
GTG: How do you prepare for a trip?

JF: Read read read travel guides, the internet, newspapers, anything I can and once there or given the opportunity ask questions and listen
GTG: What’s the worst thing you’ve forgotten?

JF: My water bottle
GTG: Where do you stay when you travel?

JF: Mostly hostels or cheap ‘hotel’ in Asia
GTG: Where is your favourite place?

JF: The islands of Thailand in particular Koh Phangan its got a bit of everything

GTG: What’s one thing you do every trip?

JF: I try to get amongst it.. sounds cliche but I try to experience as much as I can of the culture, food coming high on the list (GTG tick of approval for sure)
GTG: What do you think about as you’re getting on a plane?

JF: The destination and the adventures it may hold sometimes combined with a sadness that I’m leaving the previous destination
GTG: What kind of stuff do you write in your travel diary?

JF: A mix, when I’m more on the go its more factual; what I saw, names of specific things e.g. food I ate or a monument I saw but when in a place for a longer time it’s about how the place/people/situation made me feel as well as what happened

Well happy reading, get up offa that thing and till next week!