I’d like to thank…..

So as i’m currently on Langkawi island and on the move in Asia (life’s tough and of course I hate to brag..) I thought I would focus on something short and sweet that you can help me out with. When travelling it’s always nice to make some kind of effort with the local language and what nicer a place to start than saying thank you. So here are as many ways to say thank you as I can come up with and i’m looking for you to help me make the list as long as possible 🙂 I have attempted to use English phonetics so please  pronounce things as they are written and apologies for any spelling mistakes…


  • Thank you, cheers, ta, thanks, (English)

    Thank you!!!!

    Thank you!!!! (Photo credit: camerakarrie)

  • Arigatou (Japanese)
  • Grathias (Spanish)
  • Gracias (Other Spanish speaking countries)
  • Obrigada (females- Portugese)
  • Obrigado (Males- Portugese)
  • Kop Kun Kah (Females- Thai)
  • Kop Kun Krap (Males- Thai)
  • Kop Kai Lai (Laos)
  • Diramahasi (Malaysian)
  • Merci (French)
  • Danki Velo (Dutch)
  • Dankashin (German)
  • De Og (Welsh)
  • Goro mai agat (Irish, spelling definitely incorrect but good luck pronouncing it the way it’s spelt 🙂 )
  • Shi Shi (Mandarin- Chinese)
  • Hvala (Crotian, Serbian)
  • Kosenum (Hungarian)
  • Chikuye (Polish)
Thank You - Danke

Thank You – Danke (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn ( off ))


So now you have  no excuses, give it a shot and you will usually feel better at least for trying. You will no doubt feel more welcome wherever you go. Your guidebook should also include some basic phrases at the very least so get practising 🙂