It’s moments like these

Well as our forum is all about the road let me share with you ten of the more describable standout moments I have experienced on the move.

  • -Looking down into the dance arena at Exit music festival (Serbia)

The dance arena was in a dry mote of a fortress and the image of it lit up filled with people was spectacular.

  • -Seeing the Gypsy kings live at Los San Fermines (the running of the bulls) (Spain)

Being a big fan, the other great part about this moment was the coincidence, we had no idea they were going to be there and just happened to be in the square when they were doing a sound check.

  • -Having breakfast in Ireland, lunch in London, and dinner in Paris all on the same day (Europe)

This momemt may seem less significant to Europeans but as an someone from a large country it was such a novelty, I have since has a similar experience in south-east Asia that also compares to this one.

  • -My first visit to the Sentou (public bath) in Japan (Japan)

This was to become a weekly sometimes bi-weekly event during my time there, but the wonder at such tradition in an urban setting was fantastic.

  • -My first view of Ireland from the air (Ireland)

This for me was the culmination of years of speculation and anticipation, bound to be exciting.

  • -Attempting to hail a taxi in Kuala Lumpur during a brief tropical afternoon downpour (Malaysia)

Something about the calm chaos and seeing the streets become temporarily flooded in moments was unforgettable.

  • -Watching the sunset from Gellert hill in Budapest (Hungary)

This was firstly a spectacular view but also a defining moment in my travelling life and a strong bonding moment with my best friend.

  • -Walking into Todaiji temple for the first time (Japan)

The enormity of the structures there including the Buddah itself was what blew me away.

  • -Drinking cold premixed drinks in the spa at cape Panwah- Phuket (Thailand)

This was a momen of relaxation, holiday, luxury, of reunion with family, and reunion with Asia.

  • -Sitting on a bench gazing at Casa Batillo lit up at night in Barcelona (Spain)

This was the moment i tuly understood why this city stands alone for so many people and realsied that I do appreciate architecture after all.

Having shared these moments I am also eager to hear some of yours and why they were significant to you.