Monthly Archive: August, 2012

Destination Novisad- GTG’s city low down number one.

While this article was Originally written as a guest post for the fabulous almost organic traveller site, I thought I would start my city guides with one I have thought about already, as… Continue reading

Life on the shelf- my collections of travel memorabilia and other qualifying collections

Firstly I would like to thank all you keen readers that were awaiting last Wednesday’s entry that didn’t come. I can offer no valid explanation other than a lack of time and energy.… Continue reading

Life’s a beach- The GTG’s top beach spots

Well to cheer up any winter-bearing residents of the southern hemisphere and to stay topical for those currently experiencing summer in the northern hemisphere (I use the term loosely and in sympathy for… Continue reading

Don’t try this at home- The GTG’s top 10 tips for staying in shape on the go

Some of these may seem obvious and some a little less obvious but to keep yourself looking fine and feeling in top shape to enjoy your trip try some of these; Incorporate a… Continue reading

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