T is for Trust- The Potential of Travel to Bring People Together

Howdy globetrotters and welcome to another instalment of your GTG. When most of us look at the world at the moment, one thing that stands out is the strength of many different forces… Continue reading

Couch-warmers- The usual suspects – Part 1

How’s it going globetrotters? Leaving aside (temporarily) the madness of destructive typhoons, leadership spills and a climate on the edge, there is still much travel to be enjoyed. This time around your GTG… Continue reading

Mega Events and Washing the Slate Clean

Winter’s greetings globetrotters from a windy and somewhat chilly Southern Hemisphere. As the world again turns its eyes to Russia, we are reminded of the power of mega events to allow a nation… Continue reading

Go solo because YOLO

Greeting Globetrotters and welcome to Gregorian 2018. What a time in the world! Men have big red buttons, women have hashtags, others don’t have public bathrooms they can use and thousands are stranded… Continue reading

The unwelcome tourist

Hi Globetrotters and welcome to the latest instalment of your GTG. Well it seems like we’ve been hitting the road in record numbers of late, flocking to an ever-increasing number of destinations around… Continue reading

The travel that lingers

Hi globetrotters and welcome to our latest musings. When it comes to travel, in reality, a trip can be as short as a couple of days and last up to in most cases… Continue reading

Hands off- How to ensure the animals we love are still there to appreciate

Given recent times, this may be one of the most important posts your GTG presents. In the last while we’ve had baby dolphins dying in Argentina and now baby bison dying in Yellowstone… Continue reading

Cultural snapshot- Irish sessions

Greetings globetrotters from a busy as usual GTG desk. In searching for inspiration for upcoming GTG entries, I usually reflect on what’s been happening in GTG land at the time and since this… Continue reading

No such thing as an ordinary trip

Howdy Globetrotters and welcome to part two of our 12 part GTG for 2016. Having made the fortunate  decision recently to see deadpool at the cinema, I was left thinking that it was… Continue reading

Your GTG’s top 10 wines of the world

Greetings globetrotters and welcome again to your GTG. Special welcome to anyone joining our curious band of nomads for the first time. Since last post the world has lost a great traveller, who also loved… Continue reading

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